1 Arm Man

1 Arm Man - $60

Does a pull-up with one arm

1 Arm Man

Air Chisel Scares

Bench with Air Chisel - $15

Includes Solenoid & Air Chisel

Bench Air Chisel Bench Air Chisel

Steel Plates & Chisels - $200

Includes 2 Steel Plates, 2 Chisels, & Solenoid
Both Steel Plates are 4ft long. One is 30" other is 32".

Steel Plates and Chisels
Steel Plates

Bayou Cabin

Bayou Cabin Facade - $30

Bayou Cabin Facade

Bayou Cabin Shelf - $10

Bayou Cabin Shelf

Fake Stairs Scare - $30

Includes stair facade with non opening door and "shadow wall"

Fake Stairs Scare


Claustrophobia - $400

Includes 2 - 16 foot x 35" Cordura Bags
2 Stanley blower fans and framework
Can be broken down into 4 - 4' x 8' sections for storage

Claustrophobia inflated
Claustrophobia deflated

Coffin Popup

Coffin Popup - $15

Our first pneumatic.
Built more than 20 years ago.
We have used it at least half the seasons.
Popup currently has a western themed but is easy to change.

Coffin Popup

Fridge Scares

Fridge Parts - $10

Fridge Parts Fridge Scene

Cabinet Scare (V2) - $10

Cabinet Scare Side 1 Cabinet Scare Side 2

Golf Ball Floors

Golf Ball Floors (Both) - $100

Each is 8 foot long x 35"
Similar to fear floor tiles.
Individual panels move when stepped on (3 panels per 8 foot section).

Golf Ball Floors

Morgue Table

Morgue Table - $400

Actual cast iron porcelain coated morge table
WWII era. Our building was WWII hospital.
Currently using wooden stand instead of orignial legs.
We broke a bracken on the table that attaches to a leg.

Morgue Table

Spike Beds

Spike Bed Spikes (4x8 Panel) - $15

Spike Bed V1 Front Side Spike Bed V1 Back Side

3D Spikes & Mech - $80


  • Spike Bed
  • 2ft Cylinder
  • Solenoid
  • Pivot & Long Steel Arm
  • Make Safe Power Switch
  • Pulley(s)
3D Spikes Mech 3D Spikes Arm

Spinning Floor

Spinning Floor - $600

Spinning Floor Entrance Spinning Floor Exit

Includes spare wheels & replacement golf balls.
Spare motor is available.

Spinning Floor Side View

Suspended Floor

Suspended Floor - $500

Whole hallway moves when walked on

Suspended Floor