1 Arm Man

1 Arm Man - $10

Does a pull-up with one arm.

Includes cylinder.

1 Arm Man

Air Chisel Scares

Steel Plates & Chisels - $100

Includes 2 steel plates, 2 chisels, & solenoid.
Both steel plates are 4ft long. One is 30" other is 32".

Steel Plates and Chisels

Shown in the floor.
Can also be mounted in a wall with chisels behind the wall.

Steel Plates

Bayou Cabin

Bayou Cabin Facade - $20

Bayou Cabin Facade

Bayou Cabin Facade is an 8ft x 8ft wall

Bayou Cabin Facade

Fake Stairs Scare - $20

Includes stair facade with non opening door and "shadow wall"

Fake Stairs Scare


Claustrophobia - $200

Includes 2 - 16 foot x 35" Cordura Bags.
Powered by 2 Stanley blower fans. (Included)

Fully inflates in 1 minute.

Can be broken down into 4 - 4ft x 8ft sections to transport or for storage.

Claustrophobia inflated
Claustrophobia deflated

Coffin Popup

Coffin Popup - $10

Our first pneumatic scare.
Built more than 20 years ago.
We have used it at least half the seasons.
Popup currently has a western theme but is easy to change.

Coffin Popup

Drop Floor Framework

Drop Floor Framework - $40

8ft x 32". Made from 2x8's.

Couldn't use droop floor in Galesburg due to short ceilings.
Pictured upside down because it was used as a divider to store scap wood.

Drop Floor Framework

Small 2x4's shown on top are old growth barn boards and is where cylinders were mounted.

Holes towards the back is where steel pipe was used as a pivot.

Drop Floor Framework

Fridge Scares

Fridge Parts - $10

Used to make a realistic looking fridge that has a shallow depth and hidden section that you can scare from.

Second picture shows it is easy to transport.

Fridge Scene Fridge Parts

Cabinet Scare (V2) - $10

Works the same as a fridge with a cabinet facade instead of a fridge.

Cabinet Scare Side 1 Cabinet Scare Side 2

Golf Ball Floors

Golf Ball Floors (Both) - $60

Each is 8 foot long x 35"
Similar to fear floor tiles.
Individual panels move when stepped on (3 panels per 8 foot section).

Golf Ball Floors


Hangman - $60

Legs kick causing him to swing.
Realistic kicking action.

Was in our central stairwell in Gilson where people could see him from 3 sides, above, and below.

Hinged at knees and ankles.
Hangman's noose has internal air hose and safety cable.
Includes internal cylinder.


Kid Blocks Drop Panel

Kid Blocks Drop Panel - $20

Previous year it was painted as shipping crates.

Each of the 9 squares was built individually so it will break down for easy transport.

Kid Blocks Drop Panel Side View Kid Blocks Drop Panel Front View Kid Blocks Drop Panel Back View

Quick release hinge.

Quick Release Hinge

Moonshine Scene

Moonshine Scene - $100

Includes barrels. Top barrel tips.
Door does not open.

Moonshine Scene

Cylinder on Moonshine Barrel (Included)

Cylinder on Moonshine Barrel

Morgue Table

Morgue Table - $200

Actual cast iron porcelain coated morge table
WWII era. Our building was WWII hospital.

Currently using wooden stand instead of orignial legs.
We broke a bracken on the table that attaches to a leg.

74" long x 30" wide.

Morgue Table

Peppers Ghost Window / Paintball Scare Window

Combine Tractor Glass - $10

Makes a loud noise when shot with paintballs.

55" Tall

Width: 41" to 48"

Combine Glass

Spike Beds

Spike Bed Spikes (4x8 Panel) - $10

Spike Bed V1 Front Side Spike Bed V1 Back Side

3D Spikes & Mech - $60

Currently has 3D paint. Can easily be painted over for non 3D use.


  • Spike Bed
  • 2ft Cylinder
  • Solenoid
  • Pivot & Long Steel Arm
  • Make Safe Power Switch
  • Pulley(s)
3D Spikes Mech 3D Spikes Arm

Spinning Floor

Spinning Floor - $300

Spinning floor's diameter is 91.5".
8ft tall with 86.5" interior height.
Walls break down into 6 sections, each 52" wide.
Driven by electric motor and rides on 2 rings of golf balls (bearings).

Spinning Floor Entrance Spinning Floor Exit

Includes electric drive motor.
Includes spare drive wheels, replacement golf balls, & spare motor.

Ran around 10 years with first set of golf balls. Only replaced them because we moved buildings.

Spinning Floor Side View

Large Spinning Floor Pieces - $50

Over 8ft diameter and 1.5" thick.

As opposed to one above, this one appears to be a normal floor until it spins. Also, not motor driven. Includes curved pieces to go around spinning floor so circle isn't noticable.

Missing 1 or 2 full sheets (no curves) of 4ft x 8ft x 3/4" plywood.

Large Spinning Floor Pieces

Suspended Floor

Suspended Floor - $200

Suspended by 8 cables. Includes strobe light.
Whole hallway moves when walked on.
8ft long by 34" wide.
Can be broken down for transport. We brought it with us from Gilson.

Suspended Floor