Air Accessories

T's, Manifolds, & Regulators

Have many more than what is shown

T's, Manifolds, & Regulators

Air Brush Guns

Air Brush Guns (5 & Many Bottles) - $20

5 Air Brush Guns and many bottles

Air Compressors

Gas Powered Air Compressor - $300

5.5 Horse Power
8 Gallon Tank
We have used it as a primary and reserve compressor.
Tire doesn't hold air long and needs replaced.

Gas Powered Air Compressor
Gas Powered Air Compressor Label

Porter Cable Air Compressor - $500

Porter Cable Compressor Porter Cable Compressor Label

Air Tanks

Big Tanks (Water Rated) (Both) - $600

Big Tank #1 Big Tank #2

Expired Fire Extinguishers (6) - $20

Can be converted to air tanks just need to tap.

6 Expired Fire Extinguishers

20lbs Propane Tanks (All 3) - $10

$10 each or 3 for $20
Can be converted to air tanks

3 20lbs Propane Tanks

Small Yellow and Black Air Tanks (Each) - $5

Have 2 Yellow Tanks
Had 1 Black Tank (Sold)

Yellow and Black Air Tanks

Tall LP/Air Tanks (Both) - $100

Black tank is mounted upside down and has drain valve.

Brown Tall LP/Air Tank #1 Black Tall LP/Air Tank Mounted Upside Down

Troop 233 Air Tank - $5

Black Air Tank with Troop 233 written on it


Air Hoses (All) - $300

All but 2 coiled ones are 3/8"

Pile of Hoses

Poly Air Hoses (All) - $20

Poly Air Hoses


Body Kicker

Used inside a body to make the legs kick or the upper body "kick"

Body Kicker Mech

Body Scissor Mech

Last used to move a body
Includes cylinder.

Body Scissor Mech - Open Body Scissor Mech - Shut

Obelisk - $80

No longer has any electronics.
2 Cylinders are included
2x4 only needed for the picture

Obelisk Transformed Obelisk Closed
Obelisk Internals

Scissor Mech for Props

Includes 2 cylinders

Prop Scissor Mech - Detached

Spider Mech (Includes Spider) - $60

Spider Mech
Spider Mech